About Hair Extensions

What's the fastest way to get a long hair style? Hair extensions of course. Hair extensions are a relatively new service offered at hair salons across the country. Prices have come down over the years as more and more companies develop less expensive methods.

Beautiful long hairstyles, like Jessica's, see photo right, can be your style in just a few hours....and a few dollars.

The hair stylist must be trained and sometimes certified to attach and remove extensions.  It is an involved process that one must practice and receive proper training. Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about getting hair extensions!

Hair extensions are not a one-size fits all. You could very well end up with damaged hair, even permanent hair loss if the hair extensions are not attached and removed properly.

Hair Extension Methods

There are many different ways to attach hair extensions. For example, they can be attached using clips, locs, string, fusion, bonding - just to name a few methods.

Each method has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some methods are only suitable for the more temporary extensions that last just a few weeks, while others are for the extension that last several months. You can avoid hair extension disasters by doing your research. Understand exactly how the extensions will be attached, how long they can remain in your hair, how to find out if your stylist is properly trained and many more details that are VERY Important to know before you get hair extensions.

Details on different hair extension methods - How much they cost, how they are attached, how long they last and more. Get complete details and decides which method is for you.ns that last up to several months.

Hair Extensions Suitability Test

Are hair extensions really for you? Will you be able to maintain them, take delicate care of them and have healthy hair in the end?

Take the test to see if your hair and lifestyle are suitable for hair extensions. Hair Extensions require involvement on your part. Take the test and find out if you should even consider getting hair extensions. Hair Extensions Exposed