Coming soon  our global hair salon directory will help you find a salon or stylist close to your location. Our directory includes salons and stylists that offer hair extension services, bridal hair services, hair straightening and other typical services such as hair color, highlights, haircut and style, updos and more. If you have any question about a service or stylist listed in our directory, please contact them directly.

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Selecting a Hair Salon and Stylist

The best way to find a great stylist is through referrals.  What better way to know if a stylist does good work than to see the results on someone.  The next time you see someone with a great looking hair style, stop and ask them where they get their hair cut.


Tips for finding a new hair salon or stylist

1. Ask friends or family where they get their hair cut- especially if you like the way their style looks.  Nothing showcases a stylists work more than seeing someone with a great-looking style.

2. Inquire about a hair consultation.  Some salons/stylists will offer a free consultation. During the consulation you can determine if the stylist can recommend certain hairstyles or tell you if what you want to get will look okay.

3. Before you go to a new hair stylist, make sure you have several pictures on hand of the type of hair style that you want to get. Nothing will show the stylist more about what you want than a picture.

4. Try out a new hair stylist or salon that offers coupons or discounts off of a service. Sometimes a stylist is new in town and is trying to introduce himself or herself to new clients. This can be a great way to find the perfect stylist.

5. Try on the hairstyle you want before you go to the salon.  What you say? Yes- you can actually try on a hairstyle now using online hairstyle imaging software.  This service allows you to upload a photo of yourself and try on a variety of different hairstyles to see how they would look.  This  step will help virtually (no pun intended!) eliminate a bad hair cut so you know exactly what to expect.

Good Luck with finding your new salon and hair stylist.  The directory listed below allows searching by city, state, service or name.